The Dorset Echo has launched its new feature, If I Were Prime Minister for a Day. Here, we are giving our readers the chance to say what they would do if they ran the country for just one day. Interested in having your say? Keep your contributions from 320 to 350 words and email to

By John Neimer, of Corfe Road, Stoborough

If I were Prime Minister I would bring in the following measures:

1. I would completely ban the free issue and/or sale of plastic bags and non-recyclable cups and bottles.

2.I would empower local authorities to clean all litter from road verges using specialist vehicles that would obstruct one carriageway whilst working in order to remind people not to throw litter from their vehicles.

I would make any drivers of vehicles who could be identified responsible for any litter thrown from them.

Any ships or fishing boats identified as throwing plastic or other rubbish into the sea would be impounded and the owners fined.

Local authorities would also be responsible for clearing their shorelines of rubbish.

I would allow local authorities to raise local taxes in order to fund this work.

3. I would disband the RAF and transfer its duties, equipment and personnel to the other services. Some of the money saved I would use to modify the Typhoon fighter so as to make it capable of operating from aircraft carriers.

The Navy's carriers would be modified to catapult and arrester wire configuration.

The army would be strengthened and given a specialist cyber war arm.

4. I would reintroduce dog licences for all dogs (which must also be 'chipped') except guide and other assistance dogs, working dogs (but not guard dogs).

I suggest £100 per dog would fund wardens and policing. No chip – no licence.

5. Any person convicted of terrorist offences would serve mandatory long sentences and then be sent to their country or their parent's country of origin.

No would be migrants rescued from the seas around Britain would be allowed to stay.

6. I would charge the foreign office with the duty of rescuing genuine victims of forced marriages and with repatriating them at public expense. Expenses to be reclaimed from their parents.

7. I would ensure that BREXIT, with or without a deal, happens on March 29.

There would not be a second referendum.