I SEE in today’s ‘Echo’ (Saturday, December 29) an article in which it is mooted that drones in private ownership will increase in substantial numbers over the next decade.

After the chaos at Gatwick Airport, many are asking what might be done to prevent a repeat of this kind of situation occurring again.

It might be a good idea to bring into force a registration policy where by all persons wishing to own a drone have to have an operator’s licence to use one.

Also like all pet dogs that are electronically tagged, so each drone at the point of purchase should have personal transponder fitted, thereby they would be traceable by tracking systems, and the owner of any drone found could claim it legally as their property.

With this, the Civil Aviation Authority would have the means to monitor drones by their signal, and take action if a rogue drone, such as that at Gatwick, were to be a danger to aircraft, and the controlling owner found.