One school's totally 'pants' campaign is helping some of the world's poorest children get an education.

For several years, the Purbeck School has worked in partnership with The Amakuru Trust to support educational projects in the Rwamagana province of Rwanda.

The school takes a biennial trip to the east African country and the school community also contribute annually to pay for the education of six students from poor families.

Last week, in their latest bid to support the trust, the school appealed to students, parents and staff to donate new pants to be given to former street children who are now housed by an organisation in Rwanda called SACCA.

Assistant headteacher, Simon Holmes said: "The children have safety, education, and hope of a better future thanks to SACCA. However, whilst we can take for granted having fresh and new clothes, the children who live in the centres have very little indeed, and rely upon second-hand clothing.

"It would be wonderful to provide them with new underwear. Although small, our contribution will make a difference to these children."

Mr Holmes added the appeal had been met with a "fantastic response" with more than two wheelie bins of pants having already been collected in readiness to send to Rwanda - one of the poorest countries in the world.

The school is still collecting pants but will now organise delivery to Rwanda through The Amakuru Trust and will report back to all those who have donated when they arrive safely.

In January 2019, the school will once again request donations to help support the six students that Purbeck sponsors to attend The Excel School in Rwamagana.

Fourteen students from the Purbeck School will also travel to Rwanda in 2019.

If anyone wants to contribute to the work of The Purbeck School and the Amakuru Trust in Rwanda, they should contact Simon Holmes via