THANK you again.

As a community you have been so helpful in so many different ways to support families who have been living in domestic abusive situations and who have needed and asked for help throughout the year.

It would be impossible to mention any one group but the help has come from clubs, churches, work place groups, lunch clubs, service organisations, schools along with many individuals who all want to help in so many ways and offer support to many areas of the services provided

Christmas wouldn’t happen for many without your help – but importantly your help is available to support all throughout the year to move forward living lives they are choosing

Domestic abuse is with us in our community and anyone who would like help to change what is happening please ring You First, the Integrated Domestic Service, 0800 032 5204 they are able to offer help 24/7. In an emergency ring 999

There are other organisations, all of which can all be found on the Dorset for You Domestic Abuse website who offer many services to support anyone living with domestic abuse

Thank you all again for your continued support to help families choose a safe, secure and happy life ahead for themselves.


Chairman of the South & West Dorset Domestic Abuse Forum