This little bundle of joy gave his parents a shock when he arrived two weeks early on New Year’s Day.

Jake Spears was the first delivery for Dorset County Hospital's (DCH) maternity unit on January 1, arriving at 10.53am and weighing a tiny 5.15lb.

Mum Shannon and dad Jordon's plans to ring in the new year at a meal with friends were thrown out the window when Shannon's waters broke in the early hours of New Year's Eve.

It was a shock for the pair, as Jake wasn't due until January 14.

Shannon said: "I went through labour throughout the whole night and was in so much pain. In the morning I was dilated 10cm and ready to give birth but his heartbeat kept dropping. They rushed us into theatre for an emergency cesarean section."

Because of the need for emergency surgery, Shannon and Jordon didn't know what to expect when Jake was born, but to the relief of everyone in the theatre, Jake started crying as soon as he was out.

However, Jake was diagnosed with jaundice and needed further phototherapy treatment in hospital before he was able to go home.

Shannon said: "They said to me that they thought he was going to be in shock, but he came out screaming.

"We spent nearly a week in the hospital afterwards. It was hard to go through that experience and then go through another experience when Jake had to be put under a UV light."

The Spears family finally got to return home on Saturday (5).

Shannon added: "It's quite painful, so getting up and doing thing is quite difficult. Luckily Jordon has two weeks off to give me a helping hand."

As first time parents, the couple are excited to begin a new adventure with their little boy.

"He's very special. We're feeling emotional, excited, everything really. It's the start of a new chapter," Shannon said.

Jake wasn't the only arrival for midwives at DCH - the second baby to be born on New Year's Day came later in the afternoon.