Yet another hate-filled letter from Mr Denton White reiterating the same tired old rants as so many times in the last two years.

It is interesting that in all the many letters you have published on the subject of Brexit whereas leavers are usually polite and courteous, it is always remainers who resort to personal abuse.

Mr Denton White’s letter today is typical; in it he once again calls those of us who voted to leave the EU ignorant xenophobes who were mislead by false propaganda.

This is not only insulting it is factually untrue since leavers are not scared of foreigners nor are they ignorant, least of all of European history.

However it is his final paragraph that really insults; with breath taking hypocrisy he says that in the campaign for another referendum ‘if the sovereignty of parliament’ cannot be relied on then the people must be given the right to decide.

Yet he and his co-conspirators would have us remain in the EU, an organisation which has reduced our parliament to an authority for rubber stamping its directives.

It is leavers who are campaigning for the restoration of our parliament as the ruler of Britain and praying for an end to the lies propagated by the EU and its supporters.


Corfe Road, Stoborough