It is so not true to say that our young people will never have a home of their own due to immigrants.

This is directly due to government policies.

Is it the migrants' fault that you need thousands of pound for a deposit?

And even then you might not get a mortgage, is it the migrants' fault that we need thousands of social housing?

And is it their fault that we haven't been building enough social housing for the last 40 years and what's left has been sold off.

The minimum wage for the over 25s is £7.83 per hour, 18 to 24-year-old get £7.38 per hour and 18 to 20-year-olds get only £5.90 per hour so how can these young people possibly afford a home of their own.

We now have a whole generation of young people who will have to stay at home with parents with no hope of having their own home all down to this governments policies not because of migrants.

Also we have a massive shortage off skilled workers and until we start training people in the skills we need we will still need migrant workers to keep the country going, and by the way (George) managed migration is in the Labour Party manifesto.

These untrue comments about migration only ramps up more racism which has got much worse since Brexit.