If you have been gifted a computer or gadget over Christmas and do not know anyone with the time, knowledge or patience to teach you, then help is at hand.

There are over 50 Digital Champions volunteering in Dorset libraries to help people with computers, tablets, phones and more.

The programme has improved the skills of 80 new learners per month.

It is estimated that 150,000 people in Dorset lack basic digital skills. The Superfast Dorset team want to close the gap between those frequently online and those without basic knowledge.

Not everybody has access or the desire to use computers but attending a session may spark an interest.

People without a device can learn free of charge on the library facilities. The sessions are held in a friendly environment and you go at your own pace.

Some Dorset residents say they feel excluded if they are offline and that learning with a Digital Champion boosts their confidence and helps them stay safe and independent.

Thanks to the Superfast Dorset team it is easy to find your nearest volunteer. Call Dorset’s Digital Champion helpline on 01305 221048. All the help is free.