Residents of a small west Dorset village want to show off everything their community has to offer.

Those living in West Milton near Powerstock, just outside of Bridport, came together to compile a village map to highlight the best things about where they live.

The map was unveiled in December at the Millennium bus shelter, where it takes pride of place, by Nick Poole, West Milton cider maker who made the shelter, and Brian and Anabelle Jackman, whose idea it was to commission the map.

Illustrated with sketches of local wildlife, the map was created by west Dorset artist Gemma Hibbs, who also lives in West Milton.

It was commissioned by the West Milton Village Society and supported by a grant from West Dorset District Council.

The idea for the village map came from Common Ground, a Dorset-based charity that encourages communities to connect with their local environment, with the aim of encouraging residents to cherish their local distinctiveness.

The charity say parish maps are a starting point for local action, they are demonstrative, subjective statements made by and for a community, exploring and showing what it cares about in its locality.

A parish map demonstrates what people claim as their own locality and what they value in it, such as wildlife, history, work, landmarks and buildings.

It enables residents to focus on the everyday things that make their community significant and different from the next.

Adrian Semmence, chairman of the West Milton Village Society, said: “We are all thrilled with the way the map has turned out.”