A brand new BMX and skate track in Weymouth officially opens this week.

The new facility at Wyke Regis playing fields provides a safe place for bikes, scooters and skateboards to be used.

Although the official opening is on Friday, the borough council said it has been "impossible" to keep excited new skaters off the track.

The 40-metre long track has replaced the mud mounds at the playing fields, which Weymouth and Portland Borough Council said became unstable and “not fit for purpose” over the years.

Skatepark firm Maverick designed and installed the new track which has proved an exciting new feature for youngsters in the area.

It is the first time a council has provided an outdoor, free to use, standalone ‘pump’ track in the UK, according to the borough council.

A pump track is a continuous loop of smooth mounds and curved berms. They can be ridden by cyclists of all ages and levels, and paved tracks can also be used by skateboarders and scooters.

Poole-based Maverick specialises in the design and installation of spray concrete skateparks. It also installed the well-used Little Fairfield skatepark in Dorchester, which has been the location of several Dorchester Skate Jam events.

Cllr Kate Wheller, borough council spokesman for community facilities, said: "This pump-track will be an excellent facility for local people to enjoy wheeled sports in a safe environment away from traffic.

"The young people have been excitedly watching this facility being built and it is already proving very popular. I am thrilled with the impressive design and speed in which it has been installed. Thanks to everyone involved in this exciting project."

A spokesman for Maverick said: "Pump tracks are super-fun to use for local riders and will appeal to all ages and abilities. We've had an amazing response to the project on the Maverick Facebook site, the pump track has been very well received by all who have visited."