An eagerly awaited skatepark which has been in the pipeline for 10 years has officially opened to the public.

The new BMX and skate track at Wyke Regis playing fields has already been flooded with dozens of keen wheelers, as the council said it was "impossible to keep people away" ahead of its official launch yesterday (18).

The 40-metre long track designed by Maverick Skateparks has replaced the mud mounds at the playing fields, which Weymouth and Portland Borough Council (WPBC) said were unstable and not fit for purpose.

People of all ages have flocked to the new facility, including three-year-old Jack Pennington who enjoyed a few laps of the track on his bike.

Cllr Kate Wheller, borough council spokesman for community facilities, said: "There's been lots of children on it all over the weekend.

"I have been trying to get this for 10 you can imagine I am delighted. I said we would do it and we've done it.

"Staff went to local schools and talked to the youngsters about what they wanted for the track, and we held an open meeting in the evening."

Skatepark firm Maverick designed and installed the new track which is the first outdoor, free to use, standalone ‘pump’ track to be provided by a council in the UK, according to WPBC.

The pump track has a continuous loop of smooth mounds and curved berms and can be ridden by cyclists and skaters of all ages and levels.

Michael Brown, 22, who has been skating for more than 10 years, said: "I come here on weekdays because it is packed at the weekend.

"It's pretty good, I haven't seen anything like it before. I've been waiting for it since before Christmas but they built it pretty quickly."

Poole-based Maverick specialises in the design and installation of spray concrete skateparks. It also installed the well-used Little Fairfield skatepark in Dorchester, which has been the location of several Dorchester Skate Jam events.

Russ Holbert, of Maverick Skateparks, said: "It's a first for us, this kind of space. They're pretty rare in the UK...there's not as many skate parks built like this as you might think.

"The great thing about it in some respects is there was an old BMX track here.

"Sometimes skate parks can seem intimidating, but kids can use this track and not be worried. It's more welcoming and low level."