ENTHUSIASTIC children turned green for a special reason.

Not, as you might expect, to celebrate the environment on this occasion, but to raise funds for a special charity close to their hearts.

Pupils at Burton Bradstock Primary School are supporting Tourettes Action, having become particularly active in support of the charity since one of their friends was diagnosed with the syndrome recently.

They raised £169 raised in addition to £200 raised during Christmas celebrations at the end of last term. Everyone was invited to wear something green to school and all were given a green Tourettes Action wristband as a reminder and in appreciation of their generosity.

The pupil affected received a special video message, which everyone watched, from Tourettes hero Jess, wishing her well for the day and thanking her for being a Tourettes ambassador. Previously, the pupil had written to parents explaining how Tourettes affects her daily life.

Headteacher, Claire Staple, led a special assembly on the day to help all the pupils gain a better understanding of the condition, the wide variety of ways in which it can affect those affected beyond the most publicised coprolalia (inappropriate verbal outbursts) and the special ways in which everyone an the school is able to provide support. Thrilled at the way the day had gone, the pupil said: “It's been a brilliant day. I have had fun and it has been good to help people understand more about Tourettes.”

Another pupil added: “It's been a memorable occasion because helping a charity is a reward in itself. The Tourettes Action charity is important to our school because one of our friends has Tourettes.”