THE EU’s assets are €153.7 billion in 2015 and the UK were one of the biggest net contributors for decades (half a trillion £s at last count since 1973).

We entered a trade partnership in 1973 not the political unity across the 28 countries directed and dictated by a few commissioners, the MPs of the European Council just rubber stamp their diktats.

The situation is the EU cannot pay back our asset value upon leaving due to their fiscal situation which will implode eventually.

The proportion of the EU’s pension funds allocated (from their €64 billion EU pot) for funding the UK’s ex-EU employees pensions is €7-9 billion.

Any wonder the gravy train is promoted by Mandelson, Kinnock, Nick Clegg to name a few recipients, also probably current remain ministers who hope to be sent there out of the way by promoting the membership and fear agenda.

Why should we contribute £350m a week to the EU, which will escalate as time progresses if we remain members, we have no legal, fishing or border authority over ourselves.

Legislation imposed upon us daily, rubber stamped by our 350 MPs and the 300 Lords at great expense to the taxpayer for little return.

What’s the problem for independence with travel and visas, going to USA and non EU countries presents no problem, equally we trade more under World Trade Rules than with the EU.

Come on UK voters, where’s the belief in ourselves, we will thrive outside the gradually dying EU’s draining us financially.

Once free, set our own low foreign investment taxation levels, reciprocate any EU trade tariffs proposed, no wonder they're trying every trick to prevent a cash-cow leaving.


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