The schools minister, Nick Gibb has said that mobile phones should be banned from classrooms and children should be taught about the dangers of the devices.

I believe this is understandable as they can cause distractions and disruption to lessons if they ring or if pupils go on social media instead of learning.

Initially, you would think that the use of phones is not an issue that should not be handled by the education system, but this is what it has come to. Ditch worrying about the school curriculum and the average national GCSE grades. Great idea.

After all, phones are much more significant to a child’s education, aren’t they? You would think so with all the commotion that has been a by-product of the invention of mobile phones, but not really.

What people should be worrying about is the children themselves, not the devices they use.

Besides, there are many positives to the use of mobile phones which have not been deliberated.

For one, children can express their emotions and relax through using smartphones. There are apps other than social media to allow this.

Technology allows children to engage with learning in different ways.

Furthermore, people have been concerned about children using “text speak”, but a study by the University of Coventry has shown that the children who were better at spelling used the texting vernacular.

Therefore, the use of mobile phones has helped children’s education.

By James Sullivan