THE most recent Gillette razor advert has been met with mixed reviews and controversy by its audience.

Since its release, comments have been flying around the internet, with many people airing their opinions both praising and criticising the advert.

Some long-term Gillette users have demanded a boycott of the company, stating they will never purchase a Gillette product again whilst others applaud commercial.

The advert was launched in response to the #MeToo movement and urges men to hold each other to account and step up when they see fellow men exercising toxic masculinity - a new interpretation of the company's signature phrase 'the best a man can get'.

Many say that, surely the advert is portraying a contemporary picture of the modern 21st century male who denounces sexism, rather than sticking to the Neanderthal ways of the past.

The advert promotes men as being able to be sensitive, caring and emotional and how in this modern age, we - as a nation and as a world- are becoming more aware of one another and how we treat people regardless of gender, race, beliefs or appearance.

However, there have also been extreme criticisms, as others believe the advert is 'attacking men' and it is ‘slamming masculinity' and the traditional values that are associated with being a man.

The advert also raises the question - is it really a shaving company’s place to put out such a controversial statement? Some consumers clearly think not as there were talks of raising a boycott against this.

However, recent figures show that Gillette’s sales have largely stayed the same despite the backlash, showing that perhaps this leading razor company’s message is at the forefront of modern morality and a new era of advertising.

By Emily Montgomery