We would just like to say a big thank you to all the local businesses who have supported our sticker scheme, our events and for the people who continue to share our post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It's a little over a year since this started and we have seen how this has helped the Low- Mid season, also all year around footfall. We are hoping to share an event with the whole community later in the year, involving community projects, Friends of.., Hubs and invite dog trainers, dog activities, young trainers, and a good dog citizen award.

We also support yellow dog scheme, some dogs need space, we discussed this recently at a meeting with Jane William Dog warden Team Leader and Kevin Good Beach Manager and they are keen to share this too. Also been in regular communication with Cllr Mike Byatt, the Kennel Club and Assistance Dogs UK . We are concerned with the disabled access and the Equality Impact Assessment is continually updated we've had contact from someone who represents people and families with disability.

We respect some people have a fear of dogs, and at this event we aim to share this and encourage people to recognize the signs and to take action. The government initiative to educate the public regarding interaction with dog owners will also be included in this. We promote "Keep your dog in view so you can see where it poos" Also "Any Bin Will Do", we believe working closely with the community we can positively change peoples behaviour. We realize as a community we need to help resolved the problem with dog fouling, the dog warden service are stretched, they cover a large area and without our help struggle to fine those responsible. We requested a freedom of information regarding dog fouling reports and fines issued. Of the 232 reports only 8 fines issued since the introduction of the Public Space Protection Order started in June 2016.

As a group Dog friendly (Weymouth) have joined PAWS on plastic a country wide initiative to clear all forms of litter, sharing photo's of the litter we find.

We have events planned for the next two months, the first being on 10th February 2019 meeting 2pm at the Stone Groyne Preston Beach opposite the Sea life Center at Lodmoor to Pavilion Events Area, and returning to Lodmoor following refreshments. Parking can be found Lodmoor and and the beach car park. Please feel free to join us and come and ask us questions. We have bags donated by Cc Moore on the Granby, there are bins along the route. Please contact me at linda@dogfriendly.social to find out more.

Linda Stevenson

Southfield Avenue