WITH the new Dorset Council (sadly) a looming reality, I entirely agree with Kate Wheller (Letters, February 9) that the town councils for Weymouth and Portland need to be adequately funded.

After all they will be the only really local democratic bodies for our area, when the new Dorset Council begins to govern us from Dorchester.

I for one have never believed in the idea of a unitary authority for the county.

It takes local government even further away from those it will rule over. More importantly none of us, inhabitants and voters of Dorset, was asked, as far as I recall, whether we wanted it.

It has simply been imposed upon us, in the hope that it will reduce the cost of local government.

A forlorn hope, I would say, as I am sure the future will show.

I therefore fervently wish that good and committed councillors such as Kate Wheller will continue to be involved and fight for the people of Weymouth and Portland.

We need such people.


Albert Terrace