PYLONS march onward in the mist in this wonderfully atmospheric picture captured in west Dorset.

Photographer James Loveridge took the eerie photo one morning from the Lambert’s Castle ancient hillfort, overlooking the Marshwood Vale.

It comes as Dorset was hit by freezing fog yesterday causing a driving hazard.

A Met Office weather warning was issued as visibility was down to 100 metres in places.

Meanwhile, Mr Loveridge described the views as ‘unreal’ from what is one of his favourite spots.

He said: "Leaving Bridport in thick cloud, I couldn’t believe what I saw as I drove out of the fog to one of my favourite spots.

“Who knew pylons could look so beautiful?

“It’s a real contrast of man versus nature but it works so well, with the pylons stretching off into the distance and being engulfed in fog.

“This location, at sunrise, never fails to disappoint.”

To see more of his work visit jamesloveridge