ON Saturday, the Dorset Echo reported how youngsters across the county had got involved in a national movement to demand action is taken over climate change. Here's what our readers had to say...

  • My generation - the parents and grandparents of these young people are products of the "throwaway society". My generation's attitude to the environment is akin to that of a teenager to his or her room. Instead of clearing up their own mess - which might have concentrated minds - they became conditioned to it being somebody else's problem, and so passed on -and all too often deny - responsibility. It turns out that the 'somebody else' is their children and grandchildren. Many of my generation find it convenient to ignore demonstrable facts, shrug their shoulders and say that its too late, or wash their hands of the whole affair by suggesting that it's just part of the earth's natural cycle.Shame on them for abdicating the prime responsibilities that are essential to being a parent, a family, a nation, a global society. Growing old disgracefully
  • All very good to be aware of climate change and your carbon footprint but no doubt most pupils and staff arrived at their schools in cars when some could have walked /rode a bike or car shared, what about wearing a jumper and turning the heating down one degrees. How many will also be off on their half term holidays jumping on a plane when you can enjoy the areas in which you live. Here's a novel one grow your own food rather than going to the supermarket and having your food encased in plastics (only possible nowadays if you fortunate to have access to a plot of land to grow on most areas are built on). The list of ideas goes on maybe we can all make a difference and save the world. Red ralph
  • The school mentioned is All Saints. I very much doubt that the majority get there by car. Rocksalt
  • I was a student who took part in this strike and it's crazy to me that you're telling teenagers that we don’t do things to help when you assume this, as you wrote those comments did you realise the impacts of climate change because if you did, would you still be telling us what's wrong or right or would you be urging you kids and possibly grandkids to be doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint and do something about our world before there's nothing left. Lewis Burnell
  • Congratulations to those students who took action on this most important of subjects. There may well have been some who just took the day off but for the majority, this was an opportunity to get involved. As for the usual negative correspondents, you all seem so set in your ways and so certain of your views that you are incapable of stepping into the shoes of others. Rob the Minion