A FINAL vote will take place this week over which assets will be transferred to Portland Town Council following the change to local government in April.

The town council was told last month that assets could only be operated 'on licence' for a year, until legal transfers were concluded.

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council (WPBC) said this is because it is “not possible” to complete the necessary legal agreements for the assets, which includes some car parks and recreation grounds, by April 1.

The full borough council will meet this Thursday (21) to vote on the list of assets to be approved, as well as a formal order relating to the creation of Weymouth Town Council.

A report, which will go before councillors, states that “discussions have been continuing” and Portland Town Council has also agreed to take on the running of Portland Bill toilets in addition to the other toilets on the isle.

It is also lined up to receive some civic regalia including the Upham Collection of watercolours, the Mayors Chair and the second set of mayoral robes, if councillors vote to approve this.

The report says the town council requested these items, along with one of the two large maces, from the borough council.

The shadow Weymouth Town Council steering group considered the request and was supportive of all the items being transferred except for the mace, which it says “makes no reference” to Portland. Portland Town Council said it was “disappointed that the maces which have represented Portland as well as Weymouth for 45 years will both be going to Weymouth.”

Alongside their vote on assets to be transferred to Portland, WPBC’s full council will also consider the final part in the process for creating Weymouth Town Council – a formal order which provides detail on what will be transferred to it, including staff, assets and equipment.

It is the legal document for decisions made by the full council in January.

The WPBC full council meeting will take place in the Council Chamber at 7pm on Thursday, February 21.