With uncertainty over Brexit, upheaval around our local authorities and challenges on the High Street, coming together as a community has never been more important. I believe ideas, passion and mutual support are needed to overcome these obstacles.

In a small way, forming a community-lead group to create a magical Christmas experience here in Weymouth could be a start. So would support for the community-led project by Weyforward at the peninsula or their Basic Income scheme or redeveloping Swannery Lake which I proposed last year. By tapping into the talent and creativity that exists in the town, supporting local independent businesses and their families and coming together outside political tribal loyalties, we can really make a difference.

We welcome ideas for Christmas from all sections of the community posted on the Weymouth Community Christmas Committee facebook page or pop your suggestion into a box at the Palm House Cafe, Fantastic Sausage Factory or the BID offices in Hope Square. We have a great prize lined up for the best suggestion.

I believe only by coming together as a community can we face modern challenges and achieve our goals of a re-creating a prosperous and happy town.

Nigel Sims-Duff

Palm House Cafe