ADVICE has been issued after two fake police officers pulled a car over before telling the young female driver she could be fined.

The incident happened in Bournemouth but police have issued a warning to all drivers to ask for ID if in doubt of a police officer’s identity.

Inspector Joe Pardey called for anyone with information, or those who have been targeted, to get in touch via or by calling 101, quoting 55190026504.

“We expect our officers to identify a safe place to stop a vehicle and will use blue lights to make the request, not just headlights,” he said.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for ID. If in doubt, acknowledge that you have seen the vehicle and drive to a location where you feel safe.”

Police say the first man is white, with dark hair and stubble. He was aged in his 30s, is five feet seven inches tall and of medium build. He had a diagonal mark on the right hand side of his neck and was wearing dark trousers and a black baseball cap.

The second man is also white. He has short ginger hair and is of skinny build. believed to be in his late 20s. He’s of skinny build and wore dark jeans.

The victim, who is in her 20s, was driving a Nissan Almera westbound along the Ringwood Road dual carriageway towards the Clock Garage roundabout when a dark-coloured BMW drove up behind.

The headlights of the BMW flashed and the victim understood she was being told to stop.

Two men then got out of the car wearing high-visibility jackets. They told the victim they were police officers and said her car had flagged up on their system before asking to see her driving licence.

However, the victim didn’t have her licence to hand, and the man told her she could be fined. A fine could be processed at the roadside, the men said.

The victim then told them she didn’t have any money on her either and was told to bring her logbook to the police station. The men then got back into the BMW and drove away.