ON Tuesday, the Dorset Echo published an article concerning a stark

warning from the Confederation of British Industry that the south west would suffer a 'multi million pound blow' in the event of a no deal Brexit

. Unsurprisingly our readers had very strong - and very differing - views. Here's what just some of them had to say...

  • Nobody knows the future so if they say things 'will be' rather than 'could be', watch out, they're trying to manipulate today to deliver their interests. James Farquharson
  • In a similar way that Leave.EU manipulated the electorate to deliver their interests in the referendum? 'Nobody knows the future...' but this expert in bilateral Free Trade Agreements (I'm guessing he has some sort of knowledge and can make some pretty good assumptions) firmly believes that if we leave with no deal it will have a massive negative impact on the Dorset and UK economy and our ability to trade with many other nations competitively. Artful Badger
  • Anyone who thinks "no deal'' will not have a profound effect on our economy has their head deep in the 'i have a mind but I never change it' sand. codlips
  • I've been in business, and a close observer of businesses locally and further afield for around 50 years. No deal is madness. DT2 person
  • I know the future if we voted remain, which is exactly why I voted remain. EU if far from perfect, but it's a known entity and better to be part of it than not. Dr Mantis Toboggan
  • Many politicians on both sides have shown their true colours recently. I am equally disgusted with those that are pursuing their own agenda and not looking after the people of this country. I am sick of right wing Conservatives and Left wing Labour in equal measure. I am also sick of local politicians spouting the party line. Get on with local government, there is plenty for them to do. Unfortunately I do not have an answer to the problem, other than each politician should look at themselves in the mirror each morning and ask if they are trying to do the best for the population as a whole or themselves. Half & Half