Why oh why can't the powers that be, whether it's Dorset County Council or Dorset Waste Partnership, do something about the amount of litter that plagues our roadside verges. Are these people incapable of organizing a simple task such as collecting litter and putting it into a plastic bag? If so, I suggest they resign from their positions and let someone who is capable do their job.

At the moment, litter is so obvious as the undergrowth is so short which would make the job of collection so much easier, whereas in another month or so it will grow to a length that will make it harder to find, or is that what they are waiting for? The stretch of road known as the West Stafford by-pass is particularly bad and the last time it was cleared of rubbish was two years ago, also the B3099 from the A35 towards Crossways is bad, especially with plastic sacks and sheeting that has obviously blown off the back of lorries, pickups and tractors.

These are just two of many roads which need tackling urgently.

We read weekly in the Dorset Echo about the endless petty criminals who are given community sentences, why not put some of these to work keeping our streets and roadsides litter free?

Come on you authorities, be proud of our County and care for our verges, environment and wildlife!

Colin Fountain

Moreton, Dorset