On Monday, the Dorset Echo reported how

Weymouth Beach has fallen out of the top ten of TripAdvisor's Travellers Choice Awards

- despite once being the highest-rated beach in the UK. Our readers had a lot of thoughts on this...

  • So having dogs on the beach all year round would lower the complaints about about doggy bags? Good logic . Quite simply you need to reduce or move the drunks, druggies and dossers from the seafront. OpenWaterSwim
  • I think a lot of people would be horrified if they knew the dangers hidden below the sand. Buried cans, broken glass, nails and a lot of metal tent pegs. All of which can cause injury to dogs, horses and human feet. Thej11
  • Setting aside the question as to whether dogs should be allowed on all of the beach for an extra month or so at the end of the beginning and end of the season, I think it's important to point out a couple of things. Firstly, dogs are not banned from all of the beach. Secondly, it is surely a pretty small number of people who "can't go anywhere else", presumably limited to those who live very close to the beach, don't have a car and have enough mobility to travel 400meters, but no further. Rocksalt
  • It's not the beach that's in decline, it's humanity. Dr Mantis Toboggan
  • To be fair the result is based on number of votes NOT the quality of beach. Bournemouth is more accessible and to get here from London and the home counties you have to have a good reason to spend an extra hour on the road or train. Bournemouth also has many very successful events such as the air show. Many also include the Poole beaches thinking it's the same beach so it's a huge 'beach' from Branksome to Boscombe. The town is also a large retail centre supported by thousands of students and large residential population. Harbour Bored