I would like to comment on your front page news on Monday, March 4 about the beach. Last year I noticed the council set to tidy the beach up by levelling it. It ended up such a mess uneven and mounds of sand everywhere, I felt very sorry for the retailers who set up on the beach as they tried to level these areas out.

Which obviously didn't make the beach very tidy. A lady also made a comment about why dogs should not be allowed on the beach all year, dog owners have the use of the beach at certain times of the year the rest of the time they can use the beach from the skate park onwards and pavilion end, why do you think the whole of the beach should be for your use all year round?

People and families like to use the beach too and don't want dogs running around them plus dogs don't just poo on the beach they also wee, this would be where children and adults would sit and play in the sand.

Dog owners get their space at one end and the other of the beach, everyone likes to use it, it's not just for dog owners.

Before anyone comments that I don't like dogs you couldn't be farther from the truth. On my earlier comments the council needs to start keeping the beach tidier and people sleeping on the benches need to move on earlier and not to stay on the benches all morning.

John Odgers