WHAT a good letter from Pete West on March 5, every increase in bills seems to go under the radar due to the government’s focus on Brexit.

Ofgem allowed the Big 6 to increase energy prices by an average of 10% above their CAP, in my case a rise of £405 a year but my state pension goes up 2.4% by £425 pounds near zero gain there? A Cap was supposed to protect pensioners &low paid workers? Unfortunately when wholesale prices of Electricity &Gas go up prices RIse but when they go down nothing happens?

The Tories’ Energy Cap is a nonsense. There is one solution - renationalise the Big 6 Energy Companies and instead of lining shareholders pockets invest in a Proper Energy Cap to benefit all of its customers.

Also average Council Tax bills are rising,envisioned to be 4.5% so my Merchant Navy Pension rise of 3.1% which is still R.P.I. Will be eroded? But remember Wages are supposed to be Rising and Austerity

Ending ? A question,how many more rises will go under the radar due to the fixation on Brexit?

Barry Thompson,

Chairman, Dorchester & District Labour Party,

Fordington High St, Dorchester