This week, the Dorset Echo reported news that

the laser lights on Weymouth seafront may be staying where they are, because of the cost of taking them down

. Unsurprisingly, our readers had a lot of opinions on this issue....

  • Due to global warming and rising sea levels, underwater lighting may have to be installed if the council takes any longer....... MASK & SNORKEL
  • You could not make this up. Fiasco. Old Bill
  • Lasting legacy of the Olympics.....Just taxpayers’ money wasted again. Red Ralph
  • So in summary, we are spending 3x the price of maintaining the lasers with some new folly...They could SAVE 120k by not bothering with the new lighting (which also has maintenance costs), and just replace the lasers, £10k a year maintenance for them is not that bad in the scale of things, and should have been budgeted for. Dr. Mantis Toboggan
  • They wouldn't save anything, it's a grant. Hippyhooker
  • Just put up LED string lights and be done with this fiasco. Clearly this is what many people from Weymouth and Portland wanted in the first place. This will brighten the esplanade up at night more so than disco lights. PEJ
  • I was about to say the same. They could use the missile stanchions.... Sorry laser posts to part support led lights. And I wish that the installation of the lasers would stop being described as being a part of a regeneration scheme. They did not regenerate the esplanade, they destroyed the atmosphere. tackleberry
  • I agree. The only time you could see them was if it was foggy or snowing or out to sea in a boat. What an embarrassment. bollywood
  • Leaving the laser lights seems to be a bit like leaving the EU: at first sight it's simple then it becomes more complicated than originally thought. Name not available