Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here, talking about Tony from Sheffield, who looked after the memorial of the American air crew who crashed their plane in Endcliffe Park Sheffield, and the flyby 75 years later which was a couple of weeks ago.

It got us thinking about what we for the community, or even simple acts of kindness.

I, William, do a lot of volunteering. Yesterday I washed the fences and railings all around Borough Gardens and today I did a Quality Check on a day service for People First Dorset. Thankfully I have the weekend off so I’ll watch the rugby and have lunch with my parents.

I, Emily, like to think I go over and above in my caring role at work. I hope the elderly residents remember me because I am helpful and kind. For example, if someone is feeling low, I try to spend a few extra minutes with them when I serve their coffee to have a chat. I might ask about their family, or we may talk about the news or their interests. Even if I am not interested in something, but they are and want to talk about it, it makes me interested and it feels caring. Some people we care for don’t have any family so it’s nice for them to feel someone cares about them.

For a month, we will challenge ourselves to do an act of kindness every day. Every day we will write down what we have done, and when we meet again in a month to write another column, we will compare what we did and if we feel any better for it. If you want to join us in doing a month of kindness, please let us know as we will be very interested to hear how you get on.

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset