LIVING, as I have throughout my life, in different locations in Dorset has given me a deep appreciation and understanding of the country side around me.Now, in my retirement, I am able to better enjoy the wildlife around me, enjoying seasons with renewed wonder, marvelling at humans disregard for both human and wildlife, from the great only giving lip service to the horrors around. I wonder what legacy will be left for future generations, oceans full of plastic, verges awash with rubbish because we are too lazy to bin it!

This morning walking my dog was an odd experience watching the hare rushing around Middle Farm building site, obviously confused as his habitat has disappeared within a year. Yes it great to see wildlife, yes we do need housing but one has to ask for whom, the people who need housing as I see it are not benefitting, we need to look at percentages of who is buying the houses at mostly half a million each -it isn’t your average worker! Over the years as building work continues I have witnessed the demise of the deer, many birds including yellow hammer, stonechat and snipe, these species wiped out without a backward thought

Dorchester has been almost swallowed by building works, empty building like the prison, London Rd old oil depot standing idle whilst arguments continue behind closed doors, the community church has relocated and the old building to be demolished for car parking! Like that of Charles Street promises never kept because the people charged with planning have not done their homework on what is sustainable for the future.

We are partly waking up to Dorchester’s historic past and thinking of putting investment into this with councillors coming out of the woodwork regaling us with what has been achieved. From where I sit it’s just hot air. We are about to have elections for “councils” isn’t it time these “good “ people remembered election promises and actually try to achieve something for the town as a whole!

Yours with great concern for the future

Heather Robinson