This week, we published a

letter from a reader who feels strongly that how Shamima Begum has been treated

by the home secretary 'shames us all'. Here's just some of the reaction from our readers...

  • The Home Secretary's action does not shame us all, some may actually approve. Vitrocell
  • She has shown no remorse and actually condoned the Manchester bombing. She is a terrorist. SE_70
  • If she is a terrorist she should be extradited and face the Courts. One of the British values is innocent until proven guilty. If we start breaking international law and making people stateless we are no better than those we are trying to keep out. The law is there to protect everyone not just those we choose. What next incarceration without trial, torture etc? The Home Secretary has no authority to make someone stateless. Why hasn't he stopped paedophiles, drug dealers and murderers from returning home? It's nothing to do with supporting terror it's to do with behaving like a civilised country Harbour Bored
  • She has shown no remorse or asked for forgiveness. In fact the reverse is true and she is now of an age to understand. Half & Half
  • She is no longer a minor,she is a disgrace and supports terrorism,she has gone too far, the home secretary is correct . Weymouthcommonsense
  • The Home Secretary did the correct thing for once. It also serves as an important example to any other young girl considering becoming an ISIS bride DooDah123
  • She was a minor when she was radicalised and cannot see the error of her ways as she has been brainwashed to believe what she was told. In reality she is no different from other young girls who were abused,she can never be deradicalised unless someone takes responsibility for her Lady princess