Last weekend, the Dorset Echo reported news that

a roadworks scheme is set to drag on for three months.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of drivers were unhappy. Here's what just some of our readers had to say...

  • Great..... Never see anyone working there as I go past Red Ralph
  • I have never seen anyone there either. Maybe someone should sit and do a weekly analysis of how much work actually gets done, how many men are there and make sure they are working evening and weekends to avoid disruption. All utilities should have to be made accountable and give a time schedule of works to be carried out and then fined heavily if they go over. bollywood
  • Why keep putting essential services under the road instead of along side it? Easier to access, less disruption to traffic and cheaper to repair when things go wrong.
  • And much easier to damage cables and rupture pipes when, inevitably, someone comes off the road and hits them. Not only ugly and potentially dangerous, but an easy target for vandals and terrorists. Joel Street
  • I did not mean that they should be exposed, but buried in a separate trench alongside the road!
  • If only..... but infrastructures like water, gas, electricity, telephone have been built underground before many of the modern road networks that now encroach them into the carriageway. Moving them now is like starting all over again. The pavements and roads are full of cables and pipes virtually everywhere. Gasworks terra
  • I think you'll find the gas main was there before the road. Local vicar
  • The good news ahead of the more extensive work required is that there are also other roads motorists can use. Or they can travel at different times of day, car share, use a bike and /or walk, all sorts of different options. But then, they almost certainly won't, since many local motorists seem completely incapable of showing the resourcefulness people in other parts of the country have to demonstrate for years in the face of major repairs or developments, not just a few weeks. Rocksalt