Earlier this week, we reported how

Dorset Police has launched a new Horse Safe scheme

, encouraging drivers to leave plenty of room when passing riders on the road. Here's what our readers had to say...

  • There is no legal requirement for horse or rider to carry insurance in order to use roads this should be changed to a legal requirement. Public liability insurance cover could save you from paying considerable costs following an incident. It is not road specific insurance, but it covers anything that happens while on a road, or any other public place. For example your horse escapes from a field and causes a road traffic collision shy-talk
  • No you are right there is no legal requirement but myself and everybody I know are insured. But I'm sure plenty aren't. If you have a horse in my mind it must be 3rd party covered else you could well land yourself in it Coke rocks
  • Drivers on rural roads stand a greater chance of having an accident than on A roads and will wait longer for emergency services to arrive. Yet they drive as if it's a rally competition. Blind bends, narrow roads, poor surfaces, horses, pedestrians, all ignored by speeding drivers.Crazy. Rob the Minion
  • I have no problem with the close pass scheme, but it is always the driver at fault. How about the rider who is supposed to be in control of an animal with a mind of its own weighing over a ton, that has no steering wheel or brakes and has an idiot on it's back using a mobile phone and texting on a public road. Surely that cannot be right, what's the police view on that. Iceee
  • The Highway Code covers all these issues - what next ? maybe, with so many lamp posts jumping in front of vehicles, we need a 'safe pass' for lamp posts which could be monitored by all the 'sleeping policemen' on our roads! danthere2