FED-up residents are determined to make a stretch of the A35 safer, saying they will ‘no longer tolerate’ speeding motorists.

Direct Action Now Group East Road (DANGER) is a group of residents campaigning to slow down traffic along East Road, between the A35 and Bridport, which they say damages properties, quality of life and physical well-being.

They say traffic coming from Dorchester to Bridport has increased significantly over the past five years and the types of vehicles using the road has changed, with a ‘huge’ number of heavy goods vehicles passing through.

The speed limit along East Road is 30mph, but campaigners say cars and lorries regularly ‘hammer’ down the road at much higher speeds, making it ‘extremely hazardous’ for pedestrian – particularly schoolchildren – to cross.

Campaigner Dave Gibbons says DANGER’s aim is to ensure the speed limit is adhered to and the road is repaired – and, as such, they have set up a Community Speed Watch (CSW) initiative and started monitoring speeding traffic.

“This is a built-up area,” said Dave. “We need traffic to go at the right speed. People come off the A35 and carry on going at that speed and it’s not acceptable. People need to slow down and abide by the speed limit.”

As well as this, the group would like to see clear aids installed which indicate the 30mph zone.

“We want to coexist with the A35 road but as it stands, it is massively disrupting the community and therefore the situation has to change,” said Dave.

Bridport town and district council Derek Bussell supports the group in what it’s trying to achieve.

“As a local councillor, I have been involved with the DANGER for more than a year and completely support their aim of making this stretch of the A35 safer for all who use it,” he said.

“Like all in the group, I have serious concerns regarding speeding vehicles and, in particular, the very heavy goods vehicles that are becoming more frequent users of the A35 and in some areas passing within a couple of metres of pedestrians and residents’ front doors.”