Weymouth town centre is set to gleam this summer with the arrival of hanging baskets.

Hanging baskets will be provided to nearly 300 premises across the town centre thanks to funding from Weymouth BID.

It was previously reported that the project will cost £25,000.

The baskets and the brackets to support them will be supplied and maintained throughout the summer by a company called

Window Flowers. It was selected by the BID after it learnt of its work providing floral displays for Winchester and Canterbury as well as many prestigious buildings in London including The Ritz and The Houses of Parliament.

The businesses that will benefit from hanging baskets were chosen because the premises are suitable to take a basket.

Baskets of flowers will be placed in areas including St Mary Street, St Thomas Street, Great George Street, Westham Road and King Street.

Claudia Moore, BID Chief Operations Officer said some businesses are unsuitable for baskets, but all should benefit from the improved look of the streets.

She added: “The BID2 Business Plan identified the need to ‘improve’ Weymouth not just for visitors but for locals. By improving the look and feel of Weymouth with hanging baskets as well as other projects, it is hoped that locals will again love their town as many visitors do.”

“It is the intention for this to be part of a Legacy from the BID to Weymouth and this project will be continued and improved upon in following years.

“If you have any questions about this project please contact the BID office on 01305 779410.”