A new Weymouth Men's Shed group has started meeting up, but the members are still looking for a venue.

Weymouth resident Gaynam Lock, 72, is a big fan of the Men's Shed movement and has been to similar projects Dorchester and Portland.

He is part of a group that now wants to set up a Men's Shed in Weymouth. He said: "A woman has her house and the man has his shed, where traditionally he fiddled about in his own little world, away from his place of work.

"Sheds are all about community and fellowship, we want to start a Weymouth branch but we are struggling to find a premises. Initially the Weymouth Men's Shed will meet at St. Francis Church, Littlemoor, during their coffee morning on Tuesdays, until premises can be found in Weymouth.

"If anyone knows of any safe and secure lockable premises that can be used as a workshop during the week, please let us know."

Cllr Mark Tewkesbury has been involved in the early stages of trying to set up a Men's Shed in Weymouth. He said: "It is a very important project but it is in the early stages at the moment as I was only approached to help get this started.

"The Men's Shed and coffee mornings are places where men can go, see each other and meet up with friends. They can just go for a chat or they can get involved with the restoring of furniture and things like that. I'm really supportive of the project."