GAPS between what people say and what they actually do are becoming increasingly apparent with some of our local politicians.

Liberal Democrat candidates, for example, in the Radipole division assure me that they will not be influenced by ‘political dogma’, as if they were any less political than others. In my experience, Liberal Democrats are especially partisan in their behaviour. Anyway, if this claim were true, why do they not stand as independents?

Meanwhile a local Conservative candidate tells me of his deep concern for children, though finding no inconsistency in supporting a party which has cut nearly 1000 child centres throughout the country and has so slashed the budgets of local authorities that some report difficulties in maintaining their child protection responsibilities.

But these inconsistencies pale by comparison with the conduct of the Conservative MP for South Dorset. Though constantly railing against the European Union, press reports indicate that in 2017 alone, he received £411,000 in benefits under the EU’s common agricultural policy. Surely we should not accept money from people of whom we disapprove?

Dr Alan Chedzoy

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