This amazing video, capturing a dolphin leaping out of the water in Portland harbour, was taken by Dorchester man Jack Keane.

Mr Keane, 21, works with Dean and Reddyhoff at Portland Marina and the boat yard.

He said: "Basically we went out early in the morning just to get some more time on the water.

"We went out to take the boat out and that's when I noticed that the dolphin was following us, so I took a video.

"I was lucky to catch it when it jumped up right next to me and sort of leaped out of the water.

"We see it all the time because this dolphin has been hanging around the marina for quite some time now and sometimes it comes right up when we are working.

"We probably see it most days. It's quite nice to see when you're out on the boat in the mornings."

Videos of the dolphin in Portland harbour have been appearing on social media since the beginning of December. It frequently bobs between boats moored in the marina and is very inquisitive.