I could not believe what I read in the MP Richard Drax's column (Echo 15 March) titled "Top Down Conspiracy To Stay In EU". Perhaps Mr Drax should dwell a little upon how we have arrived at the present impasse. In the 2016 referendum the people of UK overall voted narrowly to leave, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted remain. In the campaign the Leave side stressed how easy a deal with the EU would be, comments were made such as the Germans will still want to sell their cars to us. The people who voted leave did so for a variety of reasons, but only a percentage would have expected a clean break with no deal. David Cameron resigned and Theresa May was tasked with the job negotiating a withdrawal agreement. Her party only had a small majority in parliament so she called an election, hoping to win with a larger one, which badly backfired and ended up having to do a deal with the DUP to get legislation through the house.

She could have tried to get a consensus across the parties but chose instead to negotiate for many months an agreement with the EU that she hoped would pass in parliament with the support of her own side. Had all Conservative MP's voted in favour (plus a small number from other parties) we would by now have been in a position to LEAVE the EU on 29 March. The fact that we are now asking for an extension for Article 50 is the responsibility of Eurosceptic MPs such as you Mr Drax for not backing your own Government.

The only way we can stay in the EU is by revoking Article 50, do you really expect your Prime Minister to suggest that Mr Drax? or asking the people a for a second time, now we know far more (Irish border problems spring to mind) than in 2016, if they have changed their minds. May I suggest that you speak to your neighbouring MP Oliver Letwin who is at least trying to find a solution to this unholy mess.

Peter Scaife