Brave lifeboat crew member Georgia Robson was called out to sea for the first time while at a dentist's appointment.

The new recruit - who is the fourth woman volunteer to join the RNLI's Lyme Regis lifeboat - received her first ever 'shout' after an unidentified object was spotted floating on the Dorset coastline - the third shout of the year for the crew.

Ms Robson, 24, was in the dentist’s chair when her pager sounded the alert. She said: “I just had to apologise and explain why I had to leave. I have now made another appointment to finish my treatment.”

Born in Lyme Regis, Georgia joined the lifeboat as shore crew just over a year ago, and recently qualified as a sea-going member of the team.

She added: "We were called to investigate an unidentified object floating near the promenade at West Bay, so it was just a little worrying as to what we would find.

“It turned out to be nothing more serious than a large marker buoy but, of course, when the coastguards receive a call from a worried onlooker we have to go.

“I just love being a member of the crew and will have to be patient for my second opportunity to go to sea on a shout.”

The lifeboat was launched at 11.52am on Friday morning and returned to Lyme Regis harbour an hour later.