It’s the end of an era as Weymouth’s Pleasure Pier building comes crashing down.

Demolition work has commenced at the outer harbour site after Weymouth and Portland Borough Council gave approval.

Buildings are being pulled down above deck level to make it safer and to carry out work to strengthen the weather-beaten pier.

Demolition and other costs have been put at £35,000 – money which will be taken from the pier’s reserves account.

In its heyday, the Pleasure Pier – which was built by the Great Western Railway more than 80 years ago to serve the then ferry terminal – was a venue for dances, swimming competitions and brass bands.

The elevated café became a tourist hotspot but it closed a few years ago and is in a poor condition.

The pier remains a point of interest for its views of the bay and as a fishing platform, but has fallen into a dilapidated state and storm damage has added to problems.