The photograph taken at West Bay , of the family scrambling over the debris of a 1000ton fall was unbelievable!

Surely it is high time that ignoring warning signs, placed by the authorities concerned, became a criminal offence or at the very least, liable to a hefty fine. Whenever there are so-called accidents requiring the call out of emergency and rescue services, who put their own lives in danger in order to save others, it is tempting to wonder why do we allow this. If people deliberately ignore safety warnings, do they deserve rescue?

More to the point, should careless parents who allow if not encourage, their children to do as they like in dangerous situations, not have to face child abuse charges? Putting your own life at risk is stupid, but putting a child’s life at risk is criminally stupid.

Closing the beaches entirely and not allowing any access to dangerous areas may be the only answer to the actions of the few, who wilfully flout common sense.

One final thought. The emergency call outs are very costly apart from high risk. We, the general public,have to foot the bill through rates and taxes, to keep the moronic few safe. Hight time they paid the cost, one way or another., yes?

Helena M Smith, Dagmar Road, Dorchester