So the Brexit endgame is nearly upon us.

As a Remainer that makes me very sad, but it does put me in something of a quandary.

I think that a second vote or revoking article 50 are both pretty unlikely, so it's probably Mrs May's deal or no deal.

I, like every other correspondent on here can not see into the future.

I do, however, think that the flawed deal we could have will ultimately be better for the U.K, but if I'm honest, that is not what most leavers voted for.

If we take that deal and things go as wrong as many people believe then all leavers will say, Hey, I didn't vote for that, nothing to do with me, Guv? and there will be years more of leave/remain conflict.

Sadly, I feel that maybe no deal is best because at least then if we are deep in trouble, it is the will of the 51.89% and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

Of course, a small, and very stupid, mean spirited, bit of me hopes that it will all be terrible and I can say Told you so!, nah, nah, nah, nah-nah? like a seven year old in the school playground, but the better part of me genuinely hopes that me, and many others, have got it wrong and Britain can rise to the challenge successfully.

Fingers crossed!

PS, I have already voted with my feet as so many correspondents on here have suggested, often in fairly blunt terms, to Remainers, and I have moved to France.

Even so, for many reasons the impact from Brexit is still highly important to me.

Roger Sarginson.

Le Bourg

Frayssinet le Gelat