We are always being encouraged to leave our cars at home and use public transport for work and leisure, but there are many communities (residential areas/housing estates) who have lost their bus services over the years e.g. Southill, Southlands, Downclose, Weymouth Bay estate, The Grove Portland to name only some.

Most communities have residents aged from 0 – 90 + who all need access to school, work, shopping, leisure and GP and hospital appointments yet have no local bus service connecting to the main-road bus routes.

I was curious to know where all the many buses which travel along Dorchester Road, Portland Road and Abbotsbury Road (many quite empty at times during the day) as to where they are of service to. I looked up the Firstbus timetables and here are the answers.

  • Weymouth to Dorchester, Poundbury via DCH 57 buses per day Mon-Fri (363 over 7 days)
  • Weymouth to Portland, Southwell 82 buses per day Mon-Fri (538 over 7 days)
  • Weymouth to Littlemoor Estate (via P&R) 75 buses per day Mon-Fri (465 over 7 days)
  • Weymouth to Chickerell 37 buses per day Mon-Fri (220 over 6 days)
  • Weymouth to Westham Estate 19 buses per day Mon-Fri (113 over 6 days)
  • Weymouth to Seven Acres estate Preston 37 buses per day Mon-Fri (217 over 6 days)

South West Coaches operate a service from Old Wyke to Weymouth via Lanehouse and Pyehill and Old Wyke to Weymouth via Wyke Road.

Is it any wonder why there are so many cars on our roads, but the tragedy is that many people, who do not have their own transport for whatever reason, are socially isolated in every way if they are unable to walk long distances from their homes to the main-road bus routes.

Everyone should have the right, and their dignity, to be able to remain independent whatever their age or ability. Therefore if you live in a community which has lost its public transport links, please get in touch with your local councillors/ MP / Firstbus company/ South West coaches – surely it is not rocket science to organise a FAIR DISTRIBUTION of buses which actually serves ALL our communities at convenient times for school, work, leisure, medical appointments – to be able to live a “normal” life in the outside world.

Even with one bus an hour being diverted from the main-road routes through the isolated housing communities would enable residents to access the community for shopping, work, appointments etc.

I have written to our MP Mr Drax and the Buses Minister Ms Nusrat Ghani – no replies yet, also to David Harris, our local Dorset County councillor, who has replied that he will be having a meeting with the manager of Firstbus soon.

Mrs Jayne Rose,

Field Barn Drive, Southill, Weymouth