Last week, the Dorset Echo reported how campaigners from the county were set to join

a rally in London at the weekend demanding a People's Vote.

Here's what our readers had to say...

We have already had a vote on leaving the EU,i did not send my dog,there is a great new film for these people to watch instead of wasting their time,its called Back to the future,we can not go back to 2016 as we no longer have a delorean,although i hear Dr Who has a tardis for hire.


Well the Leave march would fit on one bus including the press and a few drunks. PS where's the driver; Farage?


Surely the film Back to the Future is more appropriate for those elderly brexiters who view the pre European Economic Community time as the halcyon days when all was milk and honey, we survived on our own, had red cardboard driving licences and black passports.

Quince two

Why do you assume that all Brexit voters are old? I know many Brexit voters all under 40!


I know several people who voted Leave but would now vote Remain. They have learned a lot over the last 30 months that they didn't previously know.


Conversely a number of remain voters I know now want to leave! The point is we have had a vote which is enshrined in law, to keep democracy alive in this country we need to follow it through, failure to do so will make a mockery of democracy.

The Fish

I still don't understand why asking for confirmation is such a bad thing.

If the nation wants to leave, it will vote to confirm the previous decision; if it's changed its collective mind, we ought to find that out before taking a final step.

Name not available

"Brexit is already causing deep damage to Britain, threatening local jobs, businesses, the NHS and living standards in Dorset." Causing and threatening to cause are different. Which one is it?

James Farquharson

Can it not be both?

It could be claimed that there is a causal relationship between Brexit and damage to Britain; it could equally be claimed that Brexit is threatening local jobs.

I make no case for the validity or otherwise of the statements; however, causing and threatening are indeed different but not mutually exclusive.

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