This week, we reported how

Radipole Lane would be closed for the Big Pedal School Run

- an initiative aiming to encourage parents to walk or cycle with their children to school, instead of going by car. Here's what our readers had to say...

  • This is all good but doesn't always work. I remember having to take 3 kids to 3 different schools on a rainy day. All of them had to be in 3 different places between 8:45 & 8:55 so coming across this would most definitely screw up the school run. Lucky for me they have all left now. Simon26r
  • How about those of us that use this road? School parents cause the issue, this is a joke. What would have worked is a temporary parking suspension to stop these idiots abandoning their cars. Nortius.suth-seaxa
  • You are absolutely right, I live in this road and now have to suffer closure, when traffic cones would have done the same job. some days, I cannot believe parents park their cars in dangerous places, take their kids out on the road side exposing them to being hit by passing cars, that is if passing cars CAN pass. Janner79
  • Traffic cones won't prevent parking as people will park in between the cone, we tried having cones down Knightsdale road when the children's football was on in the March, sadly cones didn't work because parents were arrogant and parked in between the cones. People should put safety first before there's a serious accident. Voicing my opinion
  • This is fine for the majority of us. You don't park your car outside a premiership football club, You walk the final leg. Multi Modal transport is coming to a place near you to get rid of car congestion in towns, around schools, hospitals and transport hubs etc. Jeff Yeoman
  • So the parents will abandon there cars elsewhere and cause problems. Simple effective solution ban car parking from outside schools within the necessary times paint the roads as required and then police it I'm sure the hobby Bobby's could do this daily. Parents are the problem not the motorist going about there business. P j d
  • Excellent to focus on safety of the kids both in terms of accidents and air quality. We lived less than 400 metres from the school, but we're unable to use it as it was oversubscribed so our kids walked to St John's come rain or shine, yes my wife needed no gym. Parental choice gone mad when kids health and safety are sacrificed. Egocentric modern life. Andy3847