Parliament has failed us over Brexit but not for the reason Mrs May gave. It has failed to hold the hard Brexiteers - the so called 'European Research Group (ERG)' to account. The ERG's logic implies a hard Brexit - out of the single market, out of the customs union. That also seems to be what Leave voters wanted. Any compromise such as May's original deal, May with the backstop, or Corbyn's softer deal would leave us worse off than staying in the EU; they simply are intended to convey the idea that the 'will of the people' has been honoured. The trouble is that a hard Brexit on 29th or maybe soon after - the so called 'no deal' Brexit would/will be chaos. For a successful hard Brexit years of preparation would be required. Many more people would be needed for the border force/ customs and they would need training. Just in time supply chains would be disrupted; manufacturers would leave; fresh food would be more expensive. There would be violence in Northern Ireland and ultimately Ireland would be united - not the policy of the Conservative and Unionist party surely.

The ERG has consistently failed to recognise these issues. ERG MPs will simply not answer questions on this. Sane MPs could have asked the Prime Minister every Wednesday whether she would ask the ERG how they would handle the issues.

I have long wondered whether ERG members are just trying to benefit financially by tax dodging or betting on the markets, or whether they have tunnel vision.

Small wonder then why an official petition to parliament to revoke Article 50 (and stay in the EU) has in just two days attracted over 3.5 million signatures and building (as at 6 pm Friday).

I am not optimistic over the outcome, but I am convinced that Parliament's failure is due to our defective system of government and we must explore and seek to rectify the deficiencies. Our reputation has suffered and so has the economy. If we cannot reform our politics how can we hope to recover?

David Smith,

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