DORSET Council has existed as a shadow council since June 2018.

Regulations made by the Government gave the shadow council responsibility and the legal powers to do everything necessary to ensure that Dorset Council would be able to deliver local government services on 1 April 2019. These powers include the ability of the shadow council to set a budget for Dorset Council and to issue council tax and business rates bills.

Dorset Council has issued council tax and business rates bills to all residents and businesses with sufficient notice of the instalments that are due on or after 1 April 2019. Customers do not need to pay their council tax bill or business rates bill before 1 April 2019, as is made clear on all bills. It is essential for customers to be able to set up payment arrangements and only right for Dorset Council to give time for customers to plan and budget for all expenditure in April.

This early notification also provides an opportunity to communicate valuable financial advice and information to all residents who then have time to contact us if they need to make changes or apply for discounts, exemptions or support which can make a huge difference to a household’s financial situation.

We hope this helps answer Mrs. Seal’s question.

Matt Prosser

Chief Executive (Designate) of Dorset Council