On Thursday, the Dorset Echo reported how the

Weymouth Gateway site missed out on a slice of Coastal Communities funding

to improve the area. Here's what readers had to say...

  • It is pretty much the same faces who are a minority, but take up a huge amount of resource, they include drug dealers and addicts ,alcoholics and street drinkers and rough sleepers.They are antisocial and intimidating ,they are scum and have no respect,they are magnets for each other at the station, Esplanade,town, Pier bandstand and Park District. Recently they have been been pushed out of the train station area to the Pier bandstand toilets ,alley ways or Park District and sadly Radipole gardens,we have seen an increase of open drug dealing and taking in these areas,loosing this funding is sad news as the station areas need revamping,but we need to clear these tax draining scum first,they contribute nothing but misery to normal families ,businesses and tourist alike. Weymouthcommon sense
  • Not sure that enhancing any area would deter the undesirables from frequenting it. Muddled
  • The problem is, once you take the "charging for the NHS" genie out of the bottle, you may struggle to get it back in again. Anybody earning less than (whatever the income tax threshold is these days - £12k) is paying nothing towards the NHS*. It would be all too tempting for a future government to draw a comparison between the drinker and the poor person. Mjollnir
  • Dispersal Orders so that if they return within 24 hours they get arrested and fined and make that a daily occurrence until they get the message. Zummerzet lad
  • Remove the phone boxes. They use the pay phones to do their drug deals, that way they don't have to use traceable mobile phones. Weymouth cabbie
  • Nothing will work until drugs are legalised and a system put in place to provide meaningful help such as housing jobs etc. Give the drug in a clinical setting to enable people to think straight for 5 mins about how they are destroying their lives and others. Tollicke