IT GIVES me a great deal of pleasure to be able to praise the National Health Service, in particular Dorchester Hospital for all the time and treatment that they have provided me with over the past few months. Although treatment for a heart condition - A F – involving the Cardiology Department has been ongoing for a number of years now. Recently my annual review was reduced to every six months. Earlier this year my physical condition deteriorated to such a degree that I had a number of tests, involving other departments at the Hospital. It was discovered that I was anaemic. I had to undergo a number of tests to try and establish the cause of this condition. Since 10th January I have had a total of 18 appointments with a number of consultants, my own doctor and had a great many blood tests.

On March 14th I am scheduled to undergo surgery at Dorchester County Hospital.

Over the last three months I have encountered a great number of Consultants, Doctors and Nursing Staff all of whom have been diligent, professional and caring in all aspects of their profession. I cannot thank them enough for all the treatment that I have received. I am sure that I am in their ‘good hands’ and that all will be well. Much as I would like to mention any one individual in particular, it would be wrong of me to do so. I thank you one and all, including my own doctor, for the professional treatment I have received during this period. I feel I have come to know you all personally. Thank you.

Douglas Pratt